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Charles T says:

Saw several nice stands of Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush North of Mason on Hwy 283.

Extremely nice displays between Mason and Llano on Hwy 29. One contributor below mentioned this area as well and how difficult it was to find a place to pull off and photograph. This is correct, good parking spaces were hard to find. The intersection of FM 2768 and Hwy 29 is a good place to pull over. There is a very large paved apron on the North side of the road. The bluebonnets seemed to be moving past peak, but the Indian Paintbrushes were going strong. The drive alone was worth being on that road. I wish I could have seen it one week earlier.

Hwy 71 - going Northwest from Llano to Brady is still an excellent drive. The bluebonnets are in various stages here - some at peak - some pushing past peak. The paintbrushes are going strong. The Indian Blanket - or Firewheels - are just getting going. There are some white prickly poppies at various locations along this road. Hwy 71 remains one of my favorite locations for photography. There are numerous places on the roadside where one can park safely; and the landscape is beautiful. The light during the last two hours of the day is very beneficial for flower photography on this road. There are still some good flower stands to be seen on this drive.

I have put together a you tube video of my trips this year.

I am continuing to add photos to my flicker feed.

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Sighted on: 2017-04-01

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Charles T says:

I spent some time driving the past few days in the Llano area. Here is a summary of what I found.

1. The best displays I saw were between Llano and Burnet on Hwy 29 up to the 1431 intersection. There are numerous stands of Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush on this road. One of the best displays is about 1/2 mile West of the Hwy 29/1431 intersection. There are two very wide parking areas on both sides of the road which makes it easy and safe to park and observe. This is a good spot to park for awhile and take many photos.

2. There are several areas on Hwy 71 between Brady and Llano that are very nice. The countryside on this stretch of road is nice and green.

3. East Hwy 71 from Llano to Austin has some very nice hillsides and right of ways covered with Bluebonnets. Some of these plants seemed to be past peak while other areas on this road seemed new. This is a nice drive. Very nice displays.

4. Hwy 16 between Fredericksburg and Llano have some nice, but smaller displays. This area seemed drier than the ones described above.

5. The road from Hwy29/1431 intersection to Kingsland has some nice displays. Hard to find a place to park safely though.

6. I took two drives two days apart. On the second day, I could tell that more flowers had popped up. This week should be a good time to go out and see some flower displays.

Here is a link to my Flickr photo stream.

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Sighted on: 2017-03-18

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03/19/17 10:47 PM CST

Ken B says:

Wow Charles, thank you for sharing your experiences and fantastic photos!


03/30/17 03:23 PM CST

Victoria L says:

Thanks for the detailed info and beautiful pictures!