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Central Texas Driving Route Maps



Brenham / La Grange


Lake LBJ / Burnet / Llano


Willow City Loop

The Willow City Loop provides magnificent views of the Hill Country. While always enjoyable, this ride is spectacular when the bluebonnets are in bloom. When ridden as indicated below (counter clockwise), you will go down one steep hill and then regain altitude on a steady, but gentle, upgrade on Texas Highway 16. To reach the loop from Austin, go to the Y intersection of U.S. Highway 290 and Texas Highway 71 in Oak Hill, take Highway 290 west for 33.7 miles, turn right on U.S. Highway 281, and continue north for 8.6 miles, passing through Johnson City on Highway 281. Turn left on FM 1323 and go 24.7 miles, passing through Sandy. This part of the drive is also very scenic. The start is in Willow City.

Begin the ride by continuing north (the same direction as FM 1323 was headed before it turns left), with the GTE building to your left.

Turn left on Texas highway 16.
Turn left on FM 1323.
Head back to Austin


Yoakum / Shiner / Cuero / Hallettsville