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Flowering Dogwood


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Native Growing Area

Scientific Name: Cornus florida

Common Names: Flowering Dogwood


Dogwood blossoms herald spring throughout much of East Texas. The small, graceful trees often grow beneath towering pines (softwoods) and hardwoods. Spring Dogwood Trails are scheduled at Palestine, Woodville, Tyler, and Quitman, Texas.

Flowering Dogwood is one of the most beautiful eastern North American trees with showy early spring flowers, red fruit, and scarlet autumn foliage. The hard wood is extremely shock-resistant and useful for making weaving-shuttles. It is also made into spools, small pulleys, mallet heads, and jewelers blocks. Indians used the aromatic bark and roots as a remedy for malaria and extracted a red dye from the roots.

Bloom Color(s): white, pink

Foliage Color(s): Green

Plant Height: 20 - 40 ft.

Duration: Perennial

Leaf Retention: deciduous

Bloom Period: March to October

Plant Family: Cornaceae

Growth Habit: Tree,Shrub

Sightings: Alden Bridge, Branch Xing, Crownridge

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