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Pink Evening Primrose


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Scientific Name: Oenothera speciosa

Common Names: Pinkladies, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose, Pink evening primrose, Pink Ladies, Buttercups, Pink Buttercups


Pink Evening Primrose have many common names and including: Pink evening primrose, Showy evening primrose, Mexican evening primrose, Showy primrose, Pink ladies, and Buttercups, Often called Buttercups because it leaves a yellow pollen residue on the tip of ones nose when smelled. And called "evening" because they flower in the evening.

Drought tolerant flowers bloom from April to June throughout the state.

These lovely flowering plants often cover large, breathtaking areas.

Bloom Color(s): red, white, pink

Bloom Width: 2 in.

Foliage Color(s): Green

Plant Width: 1 - 3 ft.

Plant Height: 1 1/2 ft.

Duration: Perennial

Leaf Retention: semi-evergreen

Bloom Period: February to July

Plant Family: Onagraceae

Growth Habit: Subshrub,Forb/herb

Sightings: Pflugerville, Georgetown , 71 Columbus to Austin , I-35 s. of Little Texas Ln., Austin , Houston to Seguin , Austin, Big Bend, San Antonio , 1323 off 281,Willow Loop,Llano,M. Falls , IH-410 & University Way , RM 479 & CR 2075 West, 5 miles s of I-10

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