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Southern Dewberry


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Native Growing Area

Scientific Name: Rubus trivialis

Common Names: Southern Dewberry


Dewberry, also known as Southern Blackberry, is a member of the Rose Family (Rosaceae). Native to North America, it grows in full sun to part shade usually to a height of 1'. It is a trailing, sprawling, thorny, shrub looking more like a vine than a shrub. The flower head appears singly at the terminal end of a stem. Five cup shaped petals surround the center disk which is covered with prominent, elongated stamens. The petals are spaced widely apart, rounded and broad on the outer edge, and narrow at the point where they meet. Fruit provides nectar for butterflies and other insects. "Blackberries" are a favorite with wildlife and people. Berries can be used to make jams and jellies. Forms of Dewberry have been cultivated. Dewberry thickets provide excellent cover for songbirds and other small wildlife.

Bloom Color(s): white

Plant Height: 12 inches

Duration: Perennial

Leaf Retention: deciduous

Bloom Period: March to April

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Growth Habit: Subshrub,Vine

Sightings: Alden Bridge, Branch Xing, Crownridge

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